06. Plan

06. Plan

Is your plan achievable and strong enough?

Which choices are you going to make?

How are you going to start?


The goal of step 6

In step 6 you bring all the other steps together and make a plan. This will help you to:

  • make an overview to see where you stand right now;
  • see what you still need to change in the steps to come up with a strong, achievable plan;
  • determine which choices you are going to make;
  • get started in practice.


The strength of your enterprise is based on the fact that each of the five steps (building blocks) is aligned with all the other steps as much as possible. Therefore, if one step is not firm enough or has not been completed, you will not have a balanced whole. In other words, you need all the building blocks to make it a success. In this step, you check that all your blocks are firmly in place and you decide where you are going to start. You produce a rough plan and get going. It is important, however, to realize that you cannot do this forever; at some point you are going to need to just get started so that you know whether it works or not.


We do not believe in writing huge reports or plans as it is more than likely that they will end up in the bottom of a drawer, plus they give the impression that they are set in stone. Especially when starting out, you will often need to make changes to your plan, for the simple reason that you are doing things for the first time. A plan is therefore most helpful for getting you to reflect on what you are doing, so that you learn faster: it gives you get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Let other people see what you are doing.

If you have completed your CBM, a more detailed plan can help you make it clearer and more structured.

Rewriting the plan can also help you come up with new ideas. Many entrepreneurs also use the CBM if they want to launch a new product, as it helps provide a quick check that everything is ‘ready to go’.

Relationship with business plan

You could be asked to write a business plan, perhaps because you are looking for an investor, or because you have asked the bank for a loan. Various business plan formats exist. You could base the business plan on the CBM, although in most cases you will need to add a few things. This is because the CBM has a different purpose, which is to identify your options and the connections, to see the larger picture, and to take action. It is a tool. In a business plan, you explain everything in more detail, and it is more about giving an account of what you are going to do.

Your turn

The book takes you through the steps required to draw up a plan. It is important that you decide for yourself where you need to start. If this is still unclear, you are missing some of the building blocks of your enterprise.