About this website

The purpose of this site is to provide the tools required to enable creative – and in particular young and start-up – entrepreneurs to operate successfully. It can also be used by media professionals, artists and designers who may have been active for some time but need to breathe new life into their business, to help them take a new look at their company and come up with new strategies.

The site has been created to spread this knowledge as widely as possible and, through interaction, to continue to add to it. We therefore encourage visitors to register and leave a reaction.

Meanwhile, the Creative Business Map consists of a team with Carly Rutten (communication, production), Mark Schotman (co-author CBM book), Karen Mertens (partners) and Mark Bode (founder).

About Mark Bode

Mark Bode (1969) studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam (Strategic Management and Organisation). After working as a marketing manager for several years, he started Shop Around in 2001 – a noteworthy agency and production house for contemporary illustrations and animations. With Shop Around, he took part in Dance Parade, DC (graphical and internet design) and the online start-up Mykea.

For many years, Mark has been driven to develop creative talent and bring the commercial and creative worlds closer together, in the belief that they have much to offer one another. To focus more clearly on this, he stopped with Shop Around in 2012, and started working at the Willem de Kooning Academy to guide student entrepreneurs. He also works as a strategic consultant for creative companies. Since January 2016 he has been Associate Partner at Live Work (formerly none as Zilver Innovation).

Who is it for?

This website is primarily intended for starting creative entrepreneurs or other professionals wanting to breathe new life into their company. The focus is on the following sectors:

  • autonomous art
  • illustration
  • design
  • product & interior design
  • photography
  • fashion
  • lifestyle & design
  • advertising
  • AV
  • animation
  • serious gaming
  • e-learning
  • music

It also provides a platform and tool for teachers and students at art academies, colleges and universities who are working in or interested in the sectors listed above.

The site focuses primarily on freelancers, start-up companies and owners of small agencies. However, many of the basic techniques, methods and developments are also relevant for professionals and larger agencies active in these market segments.

The Creative Business Map can also be applied outside the creative industry, especially in those sectors in which people are often trained in a particular field or trade. Would you like to know more, or are you interested in a partnership? Please get in touch.


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